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Earl Creps - Intro To Pomo.mp311.804.06.25 21:02:02Earl CrepsIntro To Postmodern2004Reach The U Institute - 20040:49:32 32M22
Earl Creps - Power, Process, Plannin15.804.06.25 21:02:53Earl CrepsPower, Process, And Planning2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Curt Harlow - NLT.mp311.704.06.25 20:59:28Curt HarlowNLT And You2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Diverse Groups.mp313.504.06.25 21:00:07Eric Treuil And Meeke GoldenDiverse Groups2004Reach The U Institute - 20040:11:16160M44
Earl Creps - Worship In Postmodern.m14.804.06.25 21:03:34Earl CrepsWorship In A Post-Christian Wo2004Reach The U Institute - 20041:01:40 32M22
Eli Gautreaux - Discipleship 2.mp310.504.06.25 21:04:04Eli GautreauxDiscipleship 22004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Eric Treuil - Internationals 2.mp310.704.06.25 21:06:29Eric TreuilInternationals 22004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Eli Gautreaux - The Christian Mind.m11.904.06.25 21:05:26Eli GautreauxThe Christian Mind2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Brad Riley - Gift Assessment.mp315.304.06.25 20:56:05Brad RileyGift Assessment2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
E. Scott Martin - Supernatural Leade17.104.06.25 21:01:30E. Scott MartinSupernatural Leaders2004Reach The U Institute - 20041:11:37 32M22
E. Scott Martin - Missions.mp312.504.06.25 21:00:41E. Scott MartinMissions2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Conflict Management.mp323.304.06.25 20:58:55Curt And PeterConflict Management2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Eric Treuil - Internationals 1.mp311.404.06.25 21:06:00Eric TreuilInternationals 12004Reach The U Institute - 20040:05:56256M44
Eli Gautreaux - Discipleship In Post14.304.06.25 21:04:46Eli GautreauxDiscipleship In A Post-Christi2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Mary Gautreaux -Margins.mp311.904.07.23 16:21:45Mary GautreauxMargins2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Meeke Golden - Facilitating Discussi12.104.07.23 16:22:12Meeke GoldenFacilitating Discussion2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Harvey Herman - Leading Bible Studie16.904.07.23 16:19:09Harvey HermanLeading Bible Studies 12004Reach The U Institute - 20041:34:07 24M22
Paul Austin - Cell Groups 2 (student17.104.07.23 16:25:41Paul AustinCell Groups 22004Reach The U Institute - 20040:14:19160M44
Ronnie Hoover - Between The Church.m 9.904.07.23 16:28:20Ronnie HooverBetween The Church And The Cam2004Reach The U Institute - 20040:41:20 32M22
Meeke Golden - Reaching Homosexuals.18.604.07.23 16:22:50Meeke GoldenReaching Homosexuals2004Reach The U Institute - 20041:17:48 32M22
Paul Austin - Cell Groups 1 (Student 7.904.07.23 16:25:01Paul AustinCell Groups 12004Reach The U Institute - 2004Only a partial recording, sorry!
Sally Herman - Fellowship.mp314.304.07.23 16:29:23Sally HermanFellowship2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Peter Roelofsma - Faith And Emotiona24.904.07.23 16:26:38Peter RoelofsmaFaith And Emotional Well Being2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Peter Roelofsma - Transforming The U14.304.07.23 16:27:12Peter RoelofsmaTransforming The University2004Reach The U Institute - 20040:59:35 32M22
Women Of Influence.mp316.804.07.23 16:30:02Sally Herman And Mary GautreauxWomen Of Influence2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Postmodern Student Panel.mp320.204.07.23 16:27:57Harv, Earl, Peter, Blair, ValeriPostmodern Student Panel2004Reach The U Institute - 2004
Noble Bowman - First Impressions.mp3 9.804.07.23 16:23:14Noble BowmanFirst Impressions2004Reach The U Institute - 2004

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