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Mrs_Dingle-What_I_Like_About_You.mp3 20:28:50Mrs. Dingle And Her Famous BerryWhat I Like About You1992UConn Spring Weekend Concert - 40:04:23128M44
Mrs_Dingle-Give_it_Away.mp3 4.300.03.28 20:27:48Mrs. Dingle And Her Famous BerryGive It Away1992UConn Spring Weekend Concert - 40:04:34128M44
Mrs_Dingle-Everything_About_You.mp3 3.600.03.28 20:27:36Mrs. Dingle And Her Famous BerryEverything About You1992UConn Spring Weekend Concert - 40:03:48128M44
Mrs_Dingle-Should_I_Stay_or_Should_I 2.600.03.28 20:28:02Mrs. Dingle And Her Famous BerryShould I Stay Or Should I Go1992UConn Spring Weekend Concert - 40:02:47128M44
Mrs_Dingle-Alive.mp3 20:27:06Mrs. Dingle And Her Famous BerryAlive1992UConn Spring Weekend Concert - 40:04:23128M44
Mrs_Dingle-Wild_Thing.mp3 2.800.03.28 20:29:02Mrs. Dingle And Her Famous BerryWild Thing1992UConn Spring Weekend Concert - 40:02:58128M44
Mrs_Dingle-Driver_8.mp3 3.600.03.28 20:27:24Mrs. Dingle And Her Famous BerryDriver 81992UConn Spring Weekend Concert - 40:03:50128M44
Mrs_Dingle-Smells_Like_Teen_Spirit.m 4.700.03.28 20:28:12Mrs. Dingle And Her Famous BerrySmells Like Teen Spirit1992UConn Spring Weekend Concert - 40:04:54128M44
Mrs_Dingle-Until_The_End_of_The_Worl 5.400.03.28 20:28:36Mrs. Dingle And Her Famous BerryUntil The End Of The World1992UConn Spring Weekend Concert - 40:05:41128M44
Mrs_Dingle-Under_The_Bridge.mp3 3.600.03.28 20:28:24Mrs. Dingle And Her Famous BerryUnder The Bridge1992UConn Spring Weekend Concert - 40:03:49128M44
Hunter01.mp3 0.603.06.12 19:51:12William Curt HunterNew Dean of the UConn School of0:00:38128S44
Hunter05.mp3 0.803.06.12 20:01:26William Curt Hunter2003New Dean of the UConn School o0:00:50128S44
UConn Men Win Big East Tournament.mp 0.604.04.11 00:41:08New Artist300A SPORTS PROMO (2004 MENS BNew Title0:00:56 96S44
UConn Women Go 39-0.mp3 0.704.02.18 00:03:10John TuiteWHUS- UConn Women Go 39-00:01:03 96S44
Usher Uconn.mp3 17:00:220:16:45 32M22
UConn Men Win Second National Title. 0.604.04.11 00:41:22New Artist301B SPORTS PROMO (2004 MENS NNew Title0:00:57 96S44
UConn Women Three-Peat.mp3 0.704.04.11 00:41:36New Artist301A SPORTS PROMO (2004 WOMENSNew Title0:00:59 96S44
UConn Men Beat Duke In National Semi 0.704.04.11 00:40:56New Artist302A SPORTS PROMO (MEN BEAT DUNew Title0:01:00 96S44
0407_UCONN.mp3 5.404.04.08 18:55:01
UConn Huskies Fight Song.mp3 1.304.10.25 17:46:510:01:23128S44